Shipping/DOA Policy


Shipping corals to you is not easy. The logistics involved in getting aquatic creatures across the country overnight are staggering and, quite frankly, a bit expensive. Shipping costs have skyrocketed since 2020 for a number of pretty obvious reasons. But we try to make this as simple and easy as possible.

We primarily sell in the San Antonio area and around the southern US at frag shows. So, if you are local in the San Antonio area or are going to be attending the next coral show we are scheduled to appear at, you can select a “Pick Up” option at check out. After purchasing, you will receive an email to arrange to schedule a pickup. There is no shipping & handling fee for pickup orders.

When necessary, coral shipments will include heat or cold packs. We do not charge anything for this, just as we do not charge for a handling fee for the boxes, insulation, or containers (this is just part of the cost of doing business). However, if we determine that there is inclement weather that could endanger a shipment, either in Texas, at predictable shipping hubs, or in the destination city, we may delay shipment until weather becomes safer for the corals.

It is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure that the shipping address is correct. Lone Star Corals is not responsible for customers who enter incorrect shipping addresses at checkout. Additionally, all purchases made using PayPal must ship to the credit card or PayPal account’s billing address.


While we do our best to ensure that corals arrive at their destinations safe and sound, sometimes things happen. If a coral is dead on arrival, we will need to see a clear picture of the dead coral within two hours of the package’s delivery. You can email all DOA pictures to lonestarcorals(at)gmail(dot)com

  • DOA corals must be photographed under white lights. Photographs taken under blue lights will not be accepted.
  • Like any animal shipped through the mail, corals will arrive extremely stressed. It is not uncommon for corals to be perfectly healthy, but still arrive closed up or even slightly bleached. It is also not uncommon for corals to take a number of hours to open up after being acclimated and added to your tank. Stressed, closed, or generally “unhappy” corals do not qualify under this DOA policy.
  • Lone Star Corals will be the one to determine if the coral’s condition warrants a store credit or replacement.
  • All DOA corals will be refunded in the form of (1) store credit or (2) replacement corals if identical or similar corals are in stock.
  • All DOA replacements or store credits expire 60 days after issuance.
  • Shipping fees are not refundable.
  • This DOA policy does not apply to (1) coral shipments that are lost, damaged, or delayed by the shipping company, (2) shipments where a customer is unable to receive or sign for a package that is otherwise delivered on-time, (3) shipments sent to shipping hubs or storefronts (i.e. UPS Stores).